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STAYHOLD® Products

Sometimes we need a scraper even when it isn’t icy. So we put a squeegee on our scraper and now it’ll stay in the car all year.

Whether ice or bugs that need to be cleared from your windshield, Visibility is Safety. And we all know the windshield wipers don’t do a great job of clearing squished bugs. Carry our safety scraper so you don’t get caught driving Ace Ventura Style.

IDEAL FOR: Clearing Ice, bugs or debris from your windscreen so you can drive safely.

WORKS ON WINDSHIELDS, WINDOWS: Keep it in your car and use it to to clear your windshield or use it to clean any surface that needs it.

SAFE AND SECURE: Never be caught out on an icy morning again, this scraper glides through ice to help get the job done fast.

COMPACT SIZE: There-when-you-need-it, ice scraper with removable rubber squeegee to allow you to clean bugs of your windscreen making this an all year round tool.

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